Testimonial from Fiona:
Having lived in Vancouver and hiked all the local mountains (or so I thought!), I was delighted to learn about the hiking trails in Port Coquitlam. I hiked the Woodland Walk loop to Sawblade Falls in early spring when the trails were still muddy and overgrown in some areas from disuse over the winter. Thanks to Lyle Litzenberger’s excellent hiking guide, Burke and Widgeon, I found my way through the trails easily using the trail descriptions and GPS waypoints. The hike was exactly as described, and the difficulty ratings and times needed for the hikes can be relied upon as accurate. What came as a complete surprise (even though they’re mentioned in the book) were the size and number of enormous cedar stumps along the trails. The area has a lot to offer: lush forest, waterfalls, viewpoints … and it’s all described in Burke and Widgeon with photos, detailed maps, elevations and GPS waypoints, to make sure you have a safe and enjoyable hike. Highly recommended!

Unsolicited, spontaneous testimonials have also been coming in from many satisfied purchasers of “Burke and Widgeon – A Hiker’s Guide”.  Here is but a sampling:

Hi Lyle,
Congrats again on the book.  Looking forward to reading your accompanying history book as well.  Please keep me in the loop when it is published.

Hello Lyle,
We received your book today.  Very nice work and we noticed the good paper quality as well.
Best, Claudia

Thank you, Lyle.  I have received the book.  It is fabulous!

Hi Lyle;  I was really pleased to get a copy of your book.  I can’t imagine the time and effort you put into researching it and doing the actual writing.  Once again thanks very much.  I look forward to the next book.  Mike

Hello!  Received the book and it is gorgeous!!!  Many thanks and best of luck!

Lyle, I just thought you should know that Helmut just saw your book on the counter. Just to put it in context, Helmut used to lead hiking tours to Vermont and upper New York State when he was in university. He’s been hiking his whole life and is an elite athlete who has hiked all over the world. In that context, I am going to give you the direct quote – “Wow!  Is this your friend’s book!!??  It looks very professional.” (Then, as he leafs through the pages): “It contains all the detailed information that I am looking for when I buy a Hiking guide – maps, elevation profile, and description. This is one of the better hiking guides I’ve seen!”  I had told him how much work you had put into it and how much detail was contained in the book, but I guess he didn’t expect such a quality product as a first effort!  High praise, indeed, from Helmut.

Hi Lyle,
I received your book today. The book has so many colourful maps throughout with detail info for hikers.   Very excited to explore Burke & Widgeon!
Thank you very much for putting this together.

Hi Lyle,
Just wanted to let you know that your book arrived safely first thing Friday morning – thank you!  It’s great!  I can see that a LOT of work went into it – very detailed and beautifully laid out.  It’s got all the types of info that my husband and I love in a hike book – very well done – an excellent production.  Can’t wait to get out onto the trails and start exploring.
Best wishes,

I received the book in the mail yesterday, Lyle.  He is going to just love it!  It’s a beautiful book.  I am going to read it first before I wrap it for Christmas.  ha ha.
My best wishes on the continued success of your book.

Hey Lyle! I moved to Burke Mountain two years ago and haven’t done much hiking other than Minnekhada. I am so excited to get your book so I can go explore some of the other amazing hikes around. Thanks for putting in the time and effort to research! I look forward to using this resource for a long time!        Thanks,  Dave

A review of the eBook version of Burke and Widgeon – A Hiker’s Guide has been received from Ron Dart of the Federation of Mountain Clubs of British Columbia (The link to Ron Dart’s bio is: http://www.ufv.ca/politicalscience/faculty-and-staff/faculty-members/ron-dart-bio/). The review follows:

Many are the fine guide books for various treks and rambles in British Columbia, but there has been a definite need for a compact, informative and finely crafted hiker’s guide on the varied tracks and trails within the Pinecone-Burke Provincial Park—Lyle Litzenberger, to his judicious credit, has produced just the book needed for those keen to wander and meander the beauteous, well forested trails and delight in the lakes of Burke and Widgeon.
Burke and Widgeon: A Hiker’s Guide is an online book (this might appeal to some, to others it might be a roadblock) that is divided into six sections: 1) A General Introduction, 2) Location, 3) Safety and Ethics, 4) Mapping Issues, 5) The Hikes Overview and 6) Appendix with recommended reading. There are those who, probably, know little about Pinecone-Burke Provincial Park or the Burke and Widgeon trails covered in the hiker’s guide—-the section on the location of park fills in such details and does so in an exquisite way and manner.
The centre piece and core of the book is “The Hikes Overview (pages 35-259)”. There are 28 hikes described that begin with Harper Road Short Loop and end with Widgeon Lake Hike. Each of the hikes described threads together an overview, trail description, map (elevation gain-loss) and, usually, some fine and enticing photographs of flowers, lakes and forested trails.
Burke and Widgeon: A Hiker’s Guide is a must read and keeper for those interested and committed to exploring new views and vistas in the Lower Mainland of British Columbia. Lyle Litzenberger has done more than yeoman’s service in stitching together such a serviceable and easy to read book on Burke and Widgeon.
Ron Dart

Hi.   I bought your book in January.   Bought it at a Burke Mt Nat. meeting. We hiked the Woodland Walk (first time) because there is now a bridge.  Your book is very well written-explicit directions, accurate GPS points, good maps and elevation points.  Like the photographs, too.  Accurate mapping is needed in this park since so many logging roads can be confusing when hiking.  Your book is one of the most detailed hiking books I have seen.  Great job!!!  9 out of 10.  In the summer, we will have to hike to Burke’s South Summit having never hiked there.

Hi Lyle. Just want to say what a great job you did on the book detailing the hikes. I look forward to getting to know the area more in future.

2 thoughts on “Testimonials

  1. Victoria Otton

    I’m not even a very keen hiker, but I read your book cover-to-cover. Loved it!
    Now I can’t wait for your next. Lots of fascinating history on Burke Mountain…

    1. Lyle Litzenberger Post author

      Thank you, Victoria, for your kind words! And, yes, Burke Mountain does have a very rich history. The stories of the hardships endured and the sacrifices made by our local pioneers are truly remarkable and very humbling. The history research for the book continues daily . .


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