about pinecone-burke provincial park

mapNature’s greatest gifts can be right at our doorstep. Pinecone-Burke Provincial Park is located less than an hour’s drive east of Vancouver and offers urban proximity to many of those seeking solace in its forest.

Burke Region has two main access points: Harper Road Gate and Quarry Road

The Widgeon has two access points: on an overland hike from over the top of Burke and the other via canoe or kayak from the Pitt Lake boat launch.

Detailed directions are outlined in the book.

A variety of activities awaits you on Burke. Hiking is by far the most common pastime, as the mountain has an extensive network of trails. A visit to either Munro or Dennett Lakes affords anglers an opportunity to try their luck at catching a trout. In the warm summer months, a quick dip in either of those lakes, or several other smaller ones, can be a refreshing break during a hot afternoon’s hike.

The Widgeon boasts the picture-perfect Widgeon Lake, the largest hanging lake in Greater Vancouver’s north shore mountains. Widgeon Slough has its own unique ecosystem and boasts the largest fresh water marsh in South Western B.C. Long recognized for its sensitive and diverse wildlife habitat, Widgeon Slough has been protected for years.

The only prerequisites are an average level of fitness, a healthy measure of common sense and an appreciation for all that nature has to offer.

There is something for everyone, so put your hiking boots on, enjoy walking the trails and take your time to pause and take in all its beauty.

“Remember, the reward is not the destination but rather in the journey itself.”